Jean Pierre Jacquet, Master Stone Carver

Authentic Hand Carved Stone by a French Master Stone Carver

Specializing in Limestone from all over the world.

Starting a project

Hammer and Chisel start the project. 

(See finished fireplace in top row center of my Gallery!)

French Tradition for Modern Times

Experience & Creativity

I am Master Stone Carver Jean Pierre Jacquet, from the South of France.  My authentic carving skills were passed down to me from the finest European Master Stone Carvers.  I can work with you or your architects to restore your historical stone work or create a new beautiful fireplace, stove hood, trim or other stone work that will make your project stand out above others.  I have been in business for over 30 years.  My experience can find your dream.

Hand Carved Elegance

I use stone chisel and hammer for details that are uniquely Hand Carved.  For larger jobs, I have more modern tools that merge traditional techniques with today's needs.  You are assured quality that will last for many years and never lose authentic value.

Custom Fireplaces Large or Small

A fireplace is the heart of the home where life long memories are enjoyed!  You will find this investment to be more than just a place for a fire.  I will help you find a design that speaks to you personally.  Whether you need a large or small piece, for the living room, kitchen or bedroom, you will have an extra special setting to make the important moments in your life unforgettable.

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Master Stone Carver

Monsieur Jean Pierre Jacquet

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